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Shaun's B'day Presents New Kids On The Block 2

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After rousing success in 2020, New Kids On the Block is back! Tāmaki Makaurau garage punk trio Shaun's B'Day are thrilled to once again introduce you to some new friends.

Shaun's B'day love local music, so last year we took it upon ourselves to host new friends for a three band bonanza at Whammy Backroom! AND EVERYONE LOVED IT AND IT WAS A ROUSING SUCCESS! So now, we're here to introduce even more new bands that we are very excited to share with you all! Catch up and comers Pink Plates and NASDAQ and then hang around to watch Shaun's B'Day rip roar through their vehicle-oriented back catalogue of bangers!

Look, we love a first show. All your friends are excited to see your fancy new band and come in droves to check it out. There's no time like your first, and Pink Plates are all ready to get into it with some blasting post punk the likes of which you've literally never seen before, cos it's their first show! Join em as they do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.

But enough games, lets get down to business. NASDAQ aren't a band, their a booming empire and their product is synthy punk tunes about thriving in the corporate world. Hidden behind masks, not much is known about this mysterious trio other than they love a good deal and love making money. And if you think the business world isn't ready for NASDAQ then you know Whammy Backroom definitely isn't ready for this breed of corpo-power-punk.

Come! Come see bands and support these new bands! Doors at 9.30pm, kick off at 10! $15 on the door or grab your tickets at UnderTheRadar!