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Craigslist2000: A Y2k Dance Party

Craigslist2000: A Y2k Dance Party

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Tonight is December 31st 1999 and we're hosting one last party; in just a few hours, technology and data systems across the globe will catastrophically fail. This is our last chance to dance before society as we know it collapses into chaos!
Craigslist® returns to bring you our biggest dance party yet (hopefully this one doesn't get shut down xo);
If you haven't guessed already, the theme is ⒴⑵⒦ --> late 90's + early 00's + technological crisis (you know the deal). Don your retro threads and get ready to boogie to some turn of the century bangers.
We have a delicious selection of DJ's (announced soon) and a venue you all know and love (FLUX).
Get in quick to secure your spot on the dance floor; ticket going quick!
see you there xo