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Revulva Presents: The Second Wave Of Vulva w/ Onono and Dawn Diver

Revulva Presents: The Second Wave Of Vulva w/ Onono and Dawn Diver

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Revulva presents The Second Wave of Vulva with friends ONONO and Dawn Diver at San Fran this Thursday evening.

Revulva is gonna make your knees weak, wiggle and wet on the d floor. Nu-wave, nu-jazz goodness brewed up in Pōneke by the eight piece family band; their live sound is an exciting, theatrical and all encompassing body experience. Pull up your socks and prepare your moves for some good grooves, sarcastic lyrics and group choreo. Conceived at the end of 2019 for a Wednesday night Eyegum, Revulva has become twice the size with twice the amount of music. Join them as they share an entirely new set of vulva. Revulva is: Phoebe Johnson, Lily Rose Shaw, Toby Leman, Hector McLachlan, Hayden Richardson, Zane Hawkins, Hugo Olsen-Smith & Olivia Campion

ONONO is the expansive personal project of performer and producer Jono Nott.
Delivering escapist pop for the soul searcher, ONONO leads you through emotive soundscapes, deep grooves and monstrous riffs. Cinematic pop blown apart and reimagined through the ONONO live band, some of Pōneke’s finest shredders.

From the creative mind of Wellington multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ben Lemi, the music of Dawn Diver has sprung joyously for the last half decade. Inspiration gathered whilst touring corners of the globe with Trinity Roots, Bret McKenzie, Estère and French For Rabbits has helped to shape the tone of Dawn Diver’s wide-spectrum sound. Featuring the immense talents of Deanne Krieg (Vox/Gat/Synth), Rose Blake (Vox/Synth) Will Sklenars (Bass), Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (Drums), Louisa Williamson (Sax/Vox/Flute) Lily Rose Shaw (Sax/Vox/Flute), Dawn Diver promises to stimulate your senses and nurture your soul.