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Bad Hagrid EP Release Tour

Bad Hagrid EP Release Tour

Tour Information
Bad Hagrid is back on tour! The dirty, musty, spooky boys to be thrashing psychedelic synth waves amongst an energetic showcase!

Bad Hagrid decided to bite back with brand new and gritty synth-rock tracks Then Again, and Bar Room in the lead up to a fresh EP! Grafting off their early 2021 double release success, Here Comes Haggy, the spooky boys are at it again. Leading up to the big project release this summer!

Then Again is another banger on a long list of singles released by the new Pōneke classic.
After Bad Hagrid’s successful debut album, Bad Hagrid and The Planet of The Androgynites, and monthly singles leading to it, the band rode the wave through multiple nationwide tours and continuous releases. Within the boom of progress and community growth, Bad Hagrid encourages all to join the journey. The band live to express fictional tales and give our community musical bliss.