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Hot Donnas, Sunflower Scent and Dave And The Dirty Humans

Hot Donnas, Sunflower Scent and Dave And The Dirty Humans

Tour Information
For one night only Hot Donnas, Sunflower Scent and Dave & The Dirty Humans will be ripping up The Crown Hotel. Its gonna get hot!

The Hot donnas are a set of passionate young kiwi’s that have been active in the national music scene for just over four years. Creating alternative rock music inspired by the ages of punk rock, combined with the raw flavour of the Dunedin streets, the lads have had a hugely successful few years. They’re becoming established as one of the most energetic live acts in the country. Their new brand of rock ‘n’ roll has been highly praised across both Australia and New Zealand, while continuing to thrive among live audiences locally and abroad. Hot Donnas will command your attention, with music, videos, live shows & more. The boys cannot wait to expand their library and continue to share their juicy brand to the masses.

Sunflower Scent are a trio from Ōtepoti. Inspired by the post punk genre, noisy feedback, distorted riffs and melodic vocals are to be expected.

Putting a modern spin on alternative rock like Smashing Pumpkins and Melvins, Dave and the Dirty Humans aren’t afraid to ruin your marriage with their gorgeous songs. The alt-rock outfit promises to bring the grease to every show.
“come near us. come see us play.” - Dave and the Dirty Humans.

Tickets $10 + BF