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Women About Sound Sweet Mix Music Night

Women About Sound Sweet Mix Music Night

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Women about Sound present a sweet mix of music treats with

ABBIE: soul songstress described as having a voice that is smooth like honey with a few rough edges”.

Monstera: Feminist and queer political punk band with catchy riffs and important messages

Ersha Island: is made up of two Chinese-Kiwi songwriters who are trying to make music that reflects their biracial upbringings. Siblings Dani and Tee create soul-pop compositions with their classical piano and violin backgrounds.

Lia Jen Ria: Music as therapy for her PTSD. Telling the story of her life as a mystic through melancholic melodies and trip-hop beats

Ms. Mia: Catchy pop melodies, heartfelt lyrics, bittersweet vocals.

A covid vaccine pass will be required to attend this event

Women About Sound aims to encourage the development of a thriving diverse music community for cis and trans women and gender diverse musicians in New Zealand