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Wolf Cool w/ Glass Cell And Lunatic Soup

Wolf Cool w/ Glass Cell And Lunatic Soup

Tour Information
WOLF COOL … Dark and corrosive!
GLASS CELL … Punk killing pop and mostly murderous!
LUNATIC SOUP… A twisted narration of noise!!!

Start your night off at 8.30pm with LUNATIC SOUP. Johnny Fleury & Miffy making dreams and nightmares come true, with visuals and sounds only a lunatic on the Chapman stick could make.

Next up, coinciding with their new EP release, GLASS CELL!
A fast and dedicated attempt to kill pop with Floss, Kirsty, and Rahn…all venting the wasted days of love and hate away.

Finish off your night with WOLF COOL, angular and viciously corrosive pop.
Lean and taut noise bursts for the jugular!

Approximate set times:
Door 8.00pm
WOLF COOL 10.00pm
Finish 11.00pm