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Absurd!  w/ Big Pharma

Absurd! w/ Big Pharma

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MOON, Wellington Thu, Aug 11 Buy

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Absurd! are back! After a couple months of annoying their neighbours with band practices, some deep absurdism and hints of early onset alcoholism, the boys have cooked up another gig at Moon.

To bring it up they've got two more single releases on the way. First one is out 26th of July with the other soon after so stay tuned to hear it first!
On top of the new songs they've got more covers you'll know and love with some originals they love to lay down, despite what their neighbours think.

This time they're being backed by Big Pharma who describe themselves as corporate punk so they'll definitely have some tasty tunes to play for you. Check out their Instagram for some of their content.

Doors open at 8pm, tickets here or $10 cash at the door.

So just like last time, bring ya mates, bring ya mum and come send it with us for another night of absolute absurdity at Moon.

And as always, spread the word... It's Absurd!

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MOON, Wellington Thu, Aug 11 Buy