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Pink Moon/Forest Bar

Pink Moon/Forest Bar

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Moon1, Wellington Thu, Aug 18 Buy

Tour Information
Riding high!
Blacq Forest Audio and The Pink Frosts have another gig, this time at Moon Bar.
Entry is $10
Doors open at 7pm
8pm - Blacq Forest Audio
9pm - The Pink Frosts

The Pink Frosts, 4 energetic and lanky boiz out to provide a mix of driving post-punk riffs, 70s new wave, and (subjectively) satirical wit.
Born in Hedleys Grotto, Newtown

Blacq Forest Audio is a one person industrial dance party. Massive groovy beats. Arpeggiated chords. Big bars. Industrial Kicks.
Hailing from the deep, dark South, we're here to party.

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Moon1, Wellington Thu, Aug 18 Buy