Frankensonics Microconcerts (session 04) - Friday 5 July

Frankensonics Microconcerts (session 04) - Friday 5 July

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In association with the corresponding installation, we are happy to invite you to enjoy a new programme of multichannel and ambisonic soundworks composed for the Frankensonics soundsystem. These limited capacity events will provide an ideal listening experience complemented with a glass of wine or cup of hot tea.

The composers will be present.

Friday 5 July
Session 1: doors 5.30pm, music 6pm sharp
Session 2: doors 7.30pm, music 8pm sharp

No door sales
Capacity 6 persons per session

Programme summary:
~ Fred Small, The other side (sound, 13’ 56’’)
The other side examines the production of sound and its connections to foster a more poetic understanding of the worlds we inhabit. We find sound understood as both vehicle and destination – looped sounds on a dance floor entice the mind and propel us forward, emotionally and temporally. We can hear birds, water, and sirens calling, rhythms which build and then slip. We can hear a parallel space.

~ Jessica Robinson, in a breath (sound, 12’17’’)
Across its duration, in a breath meditates on the way a sounds can breathe within a recording, preserving its physicality beyond an original instance.

~ Lily Worrall, Stable Illusions (sound 10’ 00’’)
Working with sound sampled from documentaries, short films and television programs of the 1980s, Stable Illusions draws on the building and rebuilding of Tāmaki during the turbulent decade of 1980s Aotearoa to construct a temporal snapshot of an unending process.

~ Vlatko Georgiev, Voices Luminous (sound, 9’ 35’’)
Voices Luminous is inspired by the enchanting power of human voices and depicts the uniqueness of individuality, interactivity, spirituality, and multiculturalism of humanity.

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