The Preauricular Pit: Kraus, Flowerstream, Finn Johannson + Citacsy

The Preauricular Pit: Kraus, Flowerstream, Finn Johannson + Citacsy

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You hear a shrill call coming forth from the horizon, the buzzing of a thousand electrical circuits, the earth begins to shudder, the dirt right in front of you begins to ripple and fall away , like the mouth of the earth opening, a dark pit gapes before you, you lean forward ever tentatively and look down, far below you can just make out the glow of a thousand LEDs, something calls out to you, the Preauricular Pit has returned….

Kraus (aka Pat Kraus) (he/him) is a producer of psychedelic music from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Since the turn of the millennium he has released 20 solo albums on labels such as Ultra Eczema and Soft Abuse, and performed in a dozen bands. His recent work melds hypnotic rhythms and day-glo sci-fi sound-design into new forms of experimental and ambient electronics.

花溪 Flowerstream
Playfully pushing boundaries between normative genres, Flowerstream explore an eclectic range of sounds in the EP. The genre defying duo have been called dream-pop, psychedelia, jazz, punk, hip-hop, doom, trip-hop and noise music.

Finn Johansson
Finn Johansson is musically best known for midwifing you through your biggest feelings with his low-key devastating lyrics, instantly iconic tunes and magnetic personality. Lately he’s been wading into more ambient, improvisational piano waters, which is what he’s showcasing at the Preauracular Pit.
Think Satie meets Randy Newman.

Sound Sculptor Tash van Schaardenburg will accompany Finn with a collection of gentle and dreamy field recordings taken from around the globe.

Friday 21 June @ The Audio Foundation
$10 presales/$15 OTD/AF Members Free

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