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Eeeow! Festival 2017

Eeeow! Festival 2017

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Tour Information
Audio Foundation presents: eeeow! Festival 2017
A festival of electronic music: Friday 17th - Sunday 18th November

This November, bare witness to a staggering array of weird and wonderful electronic music. Some acts you will have you dancing, others will propel you into a trance of introspective self-reflection, some may have you sprinting for the exit.

Featuring: DJ Marie Celeste, bOnEhEaD + Parks, Nick Graham + SL, Lortcon, Kimmy, Richard Francis, lskse_, Flo Wilson, Bonnie Hart, Chronic, Fatigue Sindrome, Clinton Watkins, File Folder, Ron Gallipoli, Droszkhi, DJ Fiasco, Rachel Shearer, Omit, K-Group, Rosy Parlane, L$D Fundraiser, Personal Grievance

All are uncompromising, not for the faint of heart.

Fri 17 Nov, Backroom, 8.30pm
DJ Marie Celeste / bOnEhEaD + Parks / Clinton Watkins / File Folder / Ron Gallipoli / L$D Fundraiser / DJ Fiasco

Sat 18 Nov, Audio Foundation, 4.00pm (koha)
_lskse / Lortcon / Kimmy

Sat 18 Nov, Audio Foundation, 8.00pm
Omit / Richard Francis / Rachel Shearer / K-Group / Droszkhi / Rosy Parlane

Sun 19 Nov, Audio Foundation, 11.00am ($10 at the door)
Workshop w. Nick Graham: Turn your smartphone into a synthesizer!

Sun 19 Nov, Audio Foundation, 4.00pm
Personal Grievance / Bonnie Hart / Flo Wilson / Chronic Fatigue Sindrome / Nick Graham + SL

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