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Monday 9th August, 2010 11:35AM

Riot Grrl, Girl Raw and Trash and Roll are just some of the ways that Hissyfit describe themselves. And they’re all pretty accurate to be honest, as the trio slam through short songs about sleeping pills, hair ties and meeting girls. The trio were nice enough to share some info about themselves and the band in an email interview, answering their questions a lot like they play their songs; short, sharp and consonantal.

How long have you been playing together as Hissyfit?

Sophie: With the current line-up, about 6 months.

Where are you based?

Sophie: In Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Who are the members of the band and what do they do / play?

Sophie: Jaspin- guitar, Mon- drums, Sophie- Bass, and we all do a bit of vocals but Jas is the star lungs.

Jaspin: no way, Sophies voice rulzzzz

How would you describe your sound?

Sophie: Garage, riot grrrl, kinda fun and stroppy. I always thought it was a little angry until I heard some recordings and it's totally not!

Jaspin: punk, girl,raw…fun I guesssss.

Monique: Well the hard ons said we are ...trash and roll.

What was the main catalyst for starting a band?

Monique: Babes and beer/

Jaspin: I’ve been playing music for ages so I guess it just happened.

Who or what would you consider your biggest influence?

Jaspin: Hmmmm lotssss! Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Sleater Kinney, Free Kitten, PJ Harvey, 90's girl scene in Olympia/KRS, R'recs.

Sophie: Jas and Mon. I didn't even know Riot Grrrl was a kind of music till I met them!

Monique: I have a real varied taste in music but definitely L7.

What are the advantages of playing a house party as opposed to a gig in a bar?

Sophie: It's fun being banged into by people dancing while you play, it's a whole different energy to playing on any kind of stage. You don't have to worry so much about... being sober. House parties are way less nerve wracking.

Jaspin: House shows are my fav they are always fun, I guess with bars it depends on the venue, and who is there. I love playing the ambassador really fun.

Mon: There's less pressure at house parties you can relax and get trashed gigs are good too.

And vice versa?

Sophie: A couple of free beers.

Jaspin: Freee wineee anytime.

Do you have any releases out or on the way?

Jaspin: we're in the process of releasing a split with our friends band in LA called 'Neonates' they are rool cool check them out!! (, we're also gonna do a split with FATANGRYMAN at some point.

How do you write your songs?

Sophie: All kinds of ways. Jamming. Often Jas and Mon put some stuff down first. Or sometimes it starts with lyrics. So no way really.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Sophie: Shit we like. John Waters. Wine. Sexy babes.

Jaspin: Thrifting, dreambabes, wine, art, music, zines, bike rides+julie ruin.

Do you have any plans to tour?

Jaspin: really keen to get to the South Island this year, gonna play some shows with QTPI from Dunedin.

Sophie: Hopefully a South Island tour later this year.

Monique: Maybe Australia next year, I’m from oz and really keen to play shows with my friends band’s back home.

Tell us something about the band that you’ve never told anyone before.

Sophie: We pee in dodgy alleyways.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Sophie: Au Pairs.

Jaspin: Skinned Teen, Talulah Gosh, MEN, Cobrakillers new album.

Monique: Sleater Kinney, Joanna Newsom’s new LP, Boatfriends.

What does the future hold for Hissyfit?

Sophie: Hissyfits.

The state of music in NZ is…

Cool! But has too much indie boy bands, there needs to be more girls in music.

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