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Live Review
Shihad - Napier - Pettigrew Green Arena - July 26 2008

Shihad Napier Pettigrew Green Arena July 26 2008

Event Info

July 26 2008
Pettigrew-Green Arena, Napier

Reviewed By
Steven Lo-Giacco
29th March 2010


Who: Shihad - Beautiful Machine Tour
Where: Napier - Pettigrew Green Arena
When: Saturday - July 26
With: Mint Chicks - Luger Boa

Review: With the weather bomb battering the North Island, what better way to escape than in a Shihad mosh pit. I have to admit, I had never seen Shihad live before... Somehow I have managed to miss seeing them in their 20 years of existance. We rocked up with Luger Boa already halfway through their set. They did a decent job of getting the half empty venue "Up for It". The sound wasn't brilliant though which didn't help them or The Mint Chicks very much. At some points it was hard to tell if it was a rock concert or a "test tone" we were listening to. I even saw a lot of people covering their ears at points during the sets.

That all changed with the first chords of the Shihad Set. The sound came right, the people moved to the floor, and Shihad showed why they are still going after 20 years. They played most of their big hits, and were quite light with material from their new album which was odd considering it was the supporting tour for it. "Beautiful Machine" and "One Will Hear the Other" sound great live, and it's amazing how many hits Shihad have at their disposal. Everyone loves a good sing along, and most of Shihad songs lend themselves to just that!

Considering the All Blacks game was on, and that it was freezing outside, it was good to see people getting out and having a good time. Jon Toogood made a great comment mid-set about us choosing the guitar over the rugby ball, and considering the result of the rugby, we choose the right one!

Overall it was a great gig. I'm told it had nothing on their "Homegrown" performance, but all things considered (including Jon's chest infection), Shihad showed why they are still going after 20 years.

Steven Lo-Giacco