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Camp A Low Hum 2009

Camp A Low Hum 2009


Camp A Low Hum 2009 - The Verdict

We unfortunately couldn’t make it along to Camp A Low Hum this year so when a friend dropped by who had been, we quizzed him like crazy and managed to take some notes as well. Here’s what he thought:


Ostensibly it was an indie festival but there was a really nice surprise element that wasn’t contrived at all. It was a really good-natured festival, no aggression – except for some random scary kids from town – but overall, a friendly festival.

Who were your favourites and why?

My Disco
– level of restraint they showed but also the level of melody they seem to have acquired – there was a bit of a journey involved with their set and basically they just sounded perfect.

Sick Boy – because everyone went completely bonkers out in the forest and it made me feel like I was on a lot of drugs when I wasn’t.

Rifles – most charismatic front person of the entire festival and are actually technically a lot more refined and kind of expressive musically than most without being wanky about it.

Sharpie Crows – prophetic and menacing and evil and I loved it! There is real a twisted transformation of band members.

God Bows To Math – just were the surprise party boy band. They played at exactly the right moment for what they were doing and everyone agreed.

The Stabs – sound great when you’re really really drunk – they’ve got a drunken broken sound which I really liked – like they’re smashing their songs to pieces.

The Show Is The Rainbow – he just made me crack up laughing. He had quite a good message – he seem to really give a damn about what he was doing and had cool visuals. But most of all he was just really hilarious.

Damsels – heaviest band I saw.

What were the surprises?

Everything went really smoothly. Justice Yeldham – not at all musical but I danced anyway. He was actually really funny.

What was the crowd like?

Ecstatic and polite most of the time. The were around 800 – 1000 which was perfect.

What was the set up?

Noisy Room – constantly sweaty
Main Stage - out doors
Renegade Room – like a gutted hostel where any band could pretty much take the stage.
Dance zones – appropriately out in the forest.

Your highlight?

Getting to hang out with a bunch of my friends from around the country. The amount of different stuff that was being catered for - I didn’t expect that. The weather. Karaoke sessions and the lagoon - pool parties…so much stuff really.

Would you recommend people to go to next time?

I heard it could be the last one but yeah if they have another - absolutely – it’s a really unique festival.


From the sounds of it a whole lot more went on than what we were able to get down – if we missed anything or if there are any bands you think people should (or shouldn’t) know about let us know below.

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