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Download: Papaiti Records Label Sampler

Download: Papaiti Records Label Sampler

Tuesday 3rd August, 2010 1:54PM

If you asked us here at UTR what we thought about the current state of New Zealand music, we'd have to say it's pretty damn good. Our four major centers all have a core group of great bands/artists and labels are popping up all over the show to support them. We stumbled across one such label a couple of weeks ago, Wellington based (by way of Whanganui) Papaiti Records who have been releasing music free via their site since the start of the year.

We got in touch with founder Giles Thompson and asked him to give us a bit of background to the label and the artists.

How’d the label come about and who’s involved in it?

I had been thinking about doing something like this for about a year before I got started. A few of my high school friends and I used to record music in our bedrooms and share it with each other for quite a while. This was when I was living in Whanganui and it was more difficult to network with other musicians. We talked a bit about making a music blog with free downloads but never really got much further than that. Then when James and I moved to Wellington and started university we would get together and record songs in our hostel rooms – the product of which is basically the first Mammal Airlines EP. We were pretty happy with it and wanted to promote it beyond the obligatory MySpace profile, so I got back to thinking about making a website. The timing worked out pretty well, as this coincided with uni holidays, and a return to Whanganui where I got bored enough to make a draft site. I showed it to James and a few other friends, got good feedback and started to take it seriously.

James was pretty much involved from the beginning, but really got into it when he bought his H2 digital recorder and came to me with the idea of doing bootlegs. (Papaiti is the name of the rural area in Whanganui where I grew up.)

Who are your artists and why do you like them?

BMX Rapists has had a bunch of different members and a strong Whanganui connection; I think the recordings – especially the “Cocks of the Animal Kingdom” EP – are really unique and interesting. (James:) The recordings are shambolic and hard to listen to but the songs underneath are great and its funny how they’ve basically said fuck you to everyone and made something that is at times unlistenably awesome.

Capsul is James’ solo project, he has been recording solo pop songs for a while now and his latest two EPs see a focus and aesthetic that wasn’t there before.

Deathdream is William’s solo project, it’s really morbid and intense and totally unique. The best way I can describe it is “The Dead C going shoegaze in a suburban Whanganui bedroom” – although he lives in Dunedin now. Daif actually got in touch with me about putting dORKWIND up. I’m a big fan of Golden Axe and Butt Simpson so I’m real stoked about this.

James: Mammal Airlines is great because it was begun as something to entertain and challenge ourselves with new instruments, tunings, recording techniques, and for Giles, being in a band, and has continued along that path. I also enjoy how the songs have a sense of humour without being compromised in meaning.

James: Single White Female for me was Giles’ first kinda focused and well defined release, and I think by choosing an aesthetic before recording and his lack of any traditional training has resulted in an irregular/unusual but very truthful to the man behind it release. He told me he was working on some new SWF song(s) the other day for the first time in ages and I’m genuinely excited to see what comes out.

What have you got coming up?

We’ve got a whole bunch of bootlegs from around the country coming out soon; they might even be out now, depending on when this goes live. I know William is working on a new Deathdream EP and from the preview he sent me it’s going to be awesome. He’s also been talking about getting a drummer and playing some shows which I’m really excited for. James also has a remix/cover project in the works.

You also release live bootlegs, this is such a great idea – how long have you doing it?

Since March.

James: I just felt like it needed to be done. There is an archiving aspect to it as there are amazing bands playing now but they’ll disappear without any record of their live shows if no one records them. Many bands sound a lot different live and a bootleg can be a good way of listening to a band in a more raw form. MEH

Plans for the future?

Continue to bootleg shows. Hopefully get some more artists along. Release more music for free. Some minor things still to do on the website. More exposure would be great, but we aren’t looking to make great directional changes in the near future.


Definitely a label to keep and eye on and as a further introduction we have put together a label sampler for you to download below. There is a song chosen by Giles and James from each artist on the label and each song belongs to a release which you can download in full from or for a few dollars you can get a physical copy.

Papaiti Records Label Sampler:

BMX Rapists – “Six Foot Insects” from Cocks of the Animal Kingdom EP
Capsul - "23/24/25 (Empty Wine Bottles In The Grass)" from You’re Lying EP
Deathdream - "Endless Knot" from Night Terror EP
Mammal Airlines -"I Heart Nigella" from Two Songs:Too Much EP
Single White Female - "Its Nice To Meet U By The Way lol" from Good Cunt EP

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