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A LOW HUM is back !

A LOW HUM is back !

A LOW HUM is back ! Kinda.

It's been a long, sleep filled, relaxing six months since I took some bands around the country and released a compilation and It's about time I stopped looking after myself, got my ass of the couch and got back out on the road.

A LOW HUM series two finished earlier in the year in April and A LOW HUM series three doesn't kick in till early next year, but I've put together a teaser tour to fill the gap very nicely.

There will be no issue of A LOW HUM magazine with entry to this tours shows… but instead you will receive a copy of A LOW HUM DVD#2, the kick ass follow-up to last years bNet nominated DVD. This years 4 hour DVD blows away last years miniscule 2 hour effort 'cause as well as music videos it features heaps of extras like Documentary's, alternate endings, unreleased clips, directors commentary's, tour films, live videos and heaps more! For a full listing of what's on the DVD, check out below.

And of course, the best part, the show!

So So Modern have set Wellington alight with their mad blend of disco punk and they've set Wellington 's ovens alight with their mad blend of cakes and muffins. They are the cats pyjama's, I think they wear the cats pyjama's and if you don't feel the need to dance while watching them, you are certainly not the cats pyjama's. I don't quite know how to describe their sound, but they make me dance the electric wookie.

Then that must make TeenWolf the electric wookie and they have the coolest name in the country (apart from So So Modern ), but this isn't just a tour of bands with the coolest names, TeenWolf are also a piece of cats clothing, maybe the cats straitjacket? If I was at a loss to describe So So Modern , I won't even begin to describe TeenWolf , they reckon they sound like The Gilmour Girls and a punch in the face and If that sounds like your kind of night out, then party.

Are you still reading? Well done. Here are the tour dates:


Auckland – Nov 18 th (Kings Arms) with Kill Surf City , The Vacants, The Boxcar Guitars and Doctor What
Hamilton – Nov19 th (Sohl Bar) with Kill Surf City
Motueka – Nov 24 th (Hot Mamas) - All Ages
Christchurch AA show – Nov25 th (Creation) with House of Dolls and Blackmarket Art - 7pm-10pm
Christchurch R18 show – Nov 25 th (Creation) with House of Dolls and Blackmarket Art – 10:30pm
Dunedin AA show – Nov 26 th (Arc Café) with House of Dolls and Zan Batman Circus – 7pm-10pm
Dunedin R18 show – Nov 26 th (Arc Café) with House of Dolls and Zan Batman Circus – 10:30pm
Timaru – Nov 27 th (Radiant Records) with House of Dolls. 3pm AA show
Palmerston North – Dec 2 nd (The Stomach) with Kill Surf City and guests –AA show
Wellington – Dec 3 rd (Indigo Bar) with Kill Surf City and guests

This tour also doubles as a release party for A LOW HUM's Local Knowledge which you will also receive a free copy of. Local Knowledge is a guide that shares the knowledge gained by heaps of different bands, promoters and music fans about touring the country. This guide is essential for any band and music fan in this country (well… most of ‘em)

That's a pretty tidy little package. A 4 Hour DVD, a touring guide and a kick ass show.

Thanks so much to the visionary folk at Jack Daniels, Phantom Billstickers and The NZmusic Commision for supporting A LOW HUM & Local Knowledge. Cheers to RDU, Active, Contact, RadioControl, R1 and FleetFM for spreading the word over the airwaves.

And a big hug to all the bands who gave their videos to the cause.

(in no particular order)

The Phoenix Foundation - Hitchcock
Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns - Sleep in the Garden
Ghostplane - In Blue Light
Edward Gains - Bring it All Down
Voom - King Kong
Trembling Swallows - I'm a Ghost
Darcy Clay - Jesus I was Evil
The Boxcar Guitars - My Love is Blue
Onanon - Days of our Lives
The Robot Tigers - Malfunction
The Sneaks - You All Suck
Connan & The Mockasins - Skies are for Flying
Ejector - Disconnect
Letterbox Lambs - Not a Private Joke
The Accelerants - Motorcade
Die! Die! Die! - Out of the Blue
The Coolies - Throwaway
GoldenAxe - Dognapped
Disasteradio - Geos
DSuper - We Ride Tonight
Trillion - End of Daze
The Clerics - Cautions
Raw Sugar - Theme to Scopio's Nest
Bing Turkby - Chase Scene
Coco Solid - ABC
Lunavela - Reinox Tides
Over the Atlantic - Forest lakes
Phelps & Munro - Slap Me Stu

The Cortina Story (doco)
Greg Malcolm's Homesick for Nowhere tour
Lindon Puffin 'Figure 8000' (Trailer)
Ghostplane - Silver Culture (alternate ending)
The Phoenix Foundation - Wildlife (Unlreleased)
The Whipping Cats (Live on Something on TV)
The Aesthetics - Condemned (Live at the Dogs Bollix)

PS...If you give Blink a Gilmour Girls punch in the arm or bake him a muffin, he might just give you one of these ace posters for nix.
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