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Album Review

by Franz Ferdinand


Review Date
1st February 2009
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I really didn’t think Franz could come back from the almost impossible task of leading a new surge in dance/indie music, becoming unfathomably big, and continuing on 5 years later to offer another album that didn’t repeat itself.

It must be so tempting to just make the same album again, for a guaranteed short lived sale for your first time audience, just for safety, but this has not been the approach.

Since opener Ulysses comes on the sound is a lot more established, with still the same dance nature, but the songs have evolved into sizzling groove based numbers.

They have firmly left their kind of beatle-esk sound away and seem to be heading more and more into full dance band, and if they are to swerve their way through the harsh critics of the music industry that have done the perfect thing.

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