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Album Review
March of the Zapotec / Realpeople Holland

March of the Zapotec / Realpeople Holland
by Beiruit


Review Date
25th February 2009
Reviewed by

Although sounding very eastern European Beirut AKA Zach Condon has returned with a new double album of sorts March of the Zapotec and the Realpeople Holland.

I am a big fan of The Flying Club Cup. It was one of my most memorable summer soundtracks in 2008, ending in a live gig in New Plymouth. This album is not far from where he left off.

The first album is full Beirut, band trumpeting with full builds and dips, and seems somewhat more mature, possibly from the almost year and a half of touring Beirut took on through 07 and 08 resulting in a breakdown of Zach.

But what is interesting on the second album is an insight into Beirut before the fame where it was just Zach in a room (this band was called Realpeople) and is a platter of electro backing tracks in a simple 2 chord songs, with Zach over top.

It’s still very much in the vein of original Beirut which showcases the universal nature of this music.

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