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Album Review
True Romance

True Romance
by Golden Silvers

Rough Trade

Review Date
13th June 2009
Reviewed by
Courtney Sanders

The Golden Silvers remind me why I’ll always hold a stronger affinity towards English music than American music even though of late (perhaps until recently – The Horrors new album, Florence and the Machine, La Roux, resurgence anyone?) the scene under the Union Jack has been bleak and I’ve pretty much been listening to anything but.

These lads have written an album that relies pretty much entirely on sleazy synthesizer chords and semi-sung funk white rapping. Doesn’t that sound absolutely fucking terrible? It sounds like what would happen if like Prince and Tom Jones got together with Simian Mobile Disco and maybe the Klaxons and all wore sequins and yellow pants and just kind of danced amongst silver disco lights while Devo wore those geometrically appropriate hats and played two keyboards at the same time each. And there were mirror balls.

BUT. It’s actually really pleasant to listen to and really refreshing. Just when I thought we were in an inescapable jungle of timpani inspired Brooklyn based indie rock, The Golden Silvers are taking it back to where the Brits have always been good at harking from – the Streets – albeit with the hardly-State-Housing additions of handclaps and A Capella. Even the questionable inclusions on True Romance are offset by something pleasant: the funk styling of single and title track is simmered by more ‘80’s than thou back up vocals to the aforementioned half-assed true chav white boy sing-rapping, and an attempt at balladry on ‘My Love is a Seed that Doesn’t Grow’ is actually quite beautiful; eerie pianos, depth of production and heart beat backing beat together, unite the influences present on the album rather than sitting outside of them completely.

And that’s the crux of Golden Silvers success; they’re making sounds that have previously been reserved for your Mum’s record collection modern, accessible, and pop hit worthy. And if your Mum has the same taste as mine (love you), that’s some feat.

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