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Album Review

by Mars Volta

Warner Music

Review Date
14th July 2009
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The genre bending, part gymnasts, part epic other-world creators, Mars Volta are back with a new album Octahedron. With the world still screaming out for an At The Drive In reunion they have stuck to their sharp veer into psychedelic rock.

For me, there's always been something Tool-like about Mars Volta and this album is no different, a bit softer maybe, but it will appeal to the same audience.

The album starts off with a phased out soft, almost Led Zep ballad, before opening up into the full epic-ness Mars Volta have become recognized for.

But it doesn’t take tool long for the album to turn, track 2 in fact, Teflon, with a time-signature pattern that would make Primus blush, and superb lazer like guitars.


Overall the sound of this album is lighter and comes across of more as a listening album than it's predecessors. All boxes have been ticked for existing fans but, as usual, new converts will need to give the album time to coax it’s way in.

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