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Album Review
Out Of The Soup

Out Of The Soup
by Dylan Storey


Review Date
15th August 2009
Reviewed by
Amanda Ratcliffe

One listen to this album was enough for Dylan Storey to quickly become one of my favourite rainy day musicians. I’m left kicking myself for not taking the advice of a hundred others to go and see him and his band while on tour earlier this year, and can only hope that he’ll grace us with some solo gigs around the country…soon.

He takes inspiration from the likes of big names, Wilco, Lynyd Skynyrd and Ryan Adams giving him a bluesy-country ambience that is ridiculously addictive and commendable. With all this in mind he’s still managed to produce a kiwi sounding album with a homely feel which is so warm that all you’ll want to do is wrap up in a blanket, sit back and soak up all its goodness.

First tracks, Travelling Salesman and Lies Make An Honest Man are guaranteed to melt your heart with Storey’s soulful vocals that really do share a story in themselves. He’s obviously seen his fair share of happiness and pain over the years which shines through from the very beginning of this carefully thought out album.

Sarte’s Hell is definitely one of my most loved tunes from Out Of The Soup which drags out many beautiful summertime memories. It’s fresh with hints of sincerity, while Footsteps Of Kings takes on a feeling of sadness. Featuring backing vocals of the much admired Reb Fountain, the pair create a beautiful melody with a somewhat lonesome impression which is almost unsettling.

One track that I’m not sold on is Out Of The Soup – it does not make a lot of sense and seems like it stops and starts in some places. It doesn’t fit with the other tracks on the album, and to be honest I would be quite content if it wasn’t included on this release at all. Thank goodness Sold It All Away takes us back to the Storey that we have become familiar with in previous tracks.

Showing off his psychedelic side with the final tune on this disc – The Tempest we are taken on an eight minute journey filled with all kinds of goodies earlier unexplored. It’s here that you’ll come to appreciate Storey’s love of playing the guitar and is sure to have you in a trance. Overall - a soulful third album from one of our country’s finest musicians. Love it.

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