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Album Review
The Broken Heartbreakers

The Broken Heartbreakers
by The Broken Heartbreakers


Review Date
27th January 2008
Reviewed by

This is a beautiful little album by NZ group The Broken Heartbreakers.

Self confessed "folk-group" the band verge on a little bit alt-country a little bit indie pop but overall an album filled with light catchy numbers.

The production is really something else. I had this album loaded in my ipod for summer driving and I was always referring to the device to see who these songs were from, mostly chiming out with more warmth then many of the new international albums I had loaded on. It must have something to do with the bands stance on digital recording and their preference to choose analog methods (eg tape) to capture their sound.

I hear things like American Analog Set in this, and bits of Pinback but it's got a unique rounded twist running throughout which keeps you listening.

The groups origins start with writer John Guy Howell and singer Rachel Bailey, and proves a perfect choice.

An album to fit into everyones collection (now where's their vinyl)

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