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Real Estate

Real Estate
by Real Estate


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Obsessed – a word that I haven’t associated with a band for some time but something stung me straight away when I found this group from New Jersey.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the surge of Brooklyn and outskirts based music to the point it may even be detrimental to first impressions but this time round a number of factors have worked in Real Estate’s favour.

Summer – In the search for music to help wave in the summer months Real Estate quietly occupy the lazy Sunday afternoon suburban sound, in an era somewhere north of 1972 but in the same instant 1992. Lyrics like “Budweiser Sprite, do you feel alright” on “Suburban Beverage” paint warm pictures of hanging out in your hood with some mates on a hazy warm day. Simplicity – Songs like “Fake Blues” show the power of a simple lead line and rolling drums, and even though it’s soft in nature it creates a frenzied effect live.

The entire album is awash with this lawn-laying tempo and drowsy arrangements that songwriter Martin Courtney has executed as though transcribing distant New Jersey childhood memories. Guitarist Matthew Mondanile from Ducktails is almost living out his alter ego here showing a much lighter touch, a deliberate unified effort of lazy hazy summer tunes.

The real thing – go and get it.

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