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Album Review
Rush To Relax

Rush To Relax
by Eddy Current Suppression Ring


Review Date
19th April 2010
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I’ve always had a hard time connecting with Australian music. It could be the deep seeded NZ Aussie war, the blokey nature of a lot of OZ or I just that I haven’t been looking bloody hard enough.

Eddie Current Suppression Ring is the first Australian band that I’ve cocked my neck, squinted my eyes and had an instant connection with. I love their back story of a bunch of mates working at a vinyl pressing plant and deciding to make a band for the XMAS party and things rolled on from there (I wouldn’t say snowballed yet).

What they do musically is offer a completely new angle on punk/rock music, clear, simple fast paced and a feel that they’re as excited as their music portrays and with Rush To Relax, their 3rd album the pace is still locked in.

Singer on Brendan Current sometimes psychotic vocals, sometimes inward and sometimes shouting down your eyes is at home here as with his weirdo head art. A band where he is free to float in and out of tense punk.

Piss off Powderfinger and remember Australian music for ECSR.

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