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Album Review

by HDU


Review Date
3rd of May 2008
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Like all HDU albums you have to give it time to settle in, time to absorb the parts and the headspace that their recordings occupy.

Metamathics is HDUs 4th album and it’s as rich and diversive as they ever were.

To be honest, I’ve been waiting for what feels like about 10 years for this (actually 7), and it really has been worth the wait. No one does noise/space/minimal better than HDU – worldwide. They have carved out the most unique and intelligent sound since Bailterspaces heyday, and given great influence to other post instrumentalists like Jakob and Kerretta.

This album is a mixed bag of fruits. From opener Stupermodel (originally from split 7” with Dunedin Punk band Die1 Die! Die!), coming across as a stadium rock superbeast, then culminating into one of the best build ups ever recorded. Like a storm on crack.

There are also softer moments like those which HDU were first embraced for (like Lull) where Tristans chord decisions, and attention to ebb and flow are pinpoint to the degree of hearing the guitar as a mood, rather than rockshop styled lessons.

Songs like the National Grid see the album take a turn for a more experimental slice, but it's songs like Irma Vep which tell the tale of this recording.

It's HDU stamping their feet and claiming their position at the top of bands that really matter, bands that aren’t complacent and focus on toping the crap chart system, selling more than the last whore band, a band to rule them all.

A must own in your HDU collection.
(Please release this on vinyl)
Out now through Shoot The Freak Records/Border Music

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