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Album Review
Elixer Always

Elixer Always
by Collapsing Cities


Review Date
17th May 2008
Reviewed by

Oh, if only these bands were formed in London or New York, the world would be kneeling to their commands.

Collapsing Cities.

An Auckland band that has promised so much over the last years deliver their debut album with out an inch of disappointment.

Singer Steve Matheson has been playing in bands throughout NZ over the last 5 years. First time I saw him play was in Lunavela, the space-rock, gordons-esk group. And this lead on to Collapsing Cities who are another entire world, however the initial influences are still present.

It's an album of anthem indie pop numbers that have been crafted for their live gigs and now superimposed into the recorded format.

“If I’m still a Telemarketer, next year, I think ill end my life”.

There are bleak lyrical moments, but also a swagger of humour and real summary of how others are thinking and feeling.

What’s interesting with Collapsing Cities is while they can get the Kings Arms dancing and singing along they still write interesting song: songs you can listen to for their aural qualities and technique.

Similarities to this album are 3Ds, Sonic Youth, Interpol and a good injection of early Flying Nun.

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