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Album Review
Green Naugahyde

Green Naugahyde
by Primus


Review Date
28th September 2011
Reviewed by
Alistar Wickens

Having been around for nearly thirty years now Primus still somehow manage to keep things interesting. Sure, their new album Green Naugahyde doesn't deviate too much from the Primus formula, but then it wouldn't really be Primus if it did. They've always had a unique sound, one that's instantly identifiable, in large part because of frontman Les Claypool's technically, umm, incredible bass playing and his cartoon character voice.

Their 8th studio album sees the return of drummer Jay Lane; part of the band in 1988, he left shortly before the debut album Suck On This was released, to be replaced by long term drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander. In the studio Jay has a very similar drumming style to Tim; they're both precision drummers, and although Jay is a more subtle player, you won't notice too many differences from the early Primus albums. In fact, overall the sound of Green Naugahyde is pretty similar to Tales From The Punchbowl, one of the bands more popular albums.

Their last album, Antipop, saw an angrier, heavier sounding Primus, with plenty of driving, crunchy riffs and a pounding rhythm section.. They've toned things down on Green Naugahyde, venturing into jazz territory in places (on the brilliant and light-hearted Lee Van Creef, and the darker anti-addiction song Jilly's on Smack).

That's not to say there's no emotion here, as the band takes on everything from pollution and the state of the oceans (The Last Salmon Man) to capitalism and the world's obsession with consumerism (Eternal Consumption Engine). But they do it all in that familiar Primus style that’s not in your face and you never come away feeling like you're being preached at.

If you haven’t got into Primus before, or you’ve only heard their theme to South Park, then do your ears a treat and listen to this album as a starting point into Primus’ weird and wild world. And if you’re a fan already why haven’t you got a copy yet?


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