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Album Review

by Bang!Bang!Eche!


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27th June 2008
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I ran into Zach of Bang!Bang!Eche! a month or so back at !!! where he was kind enough to give me a copy of this, their debut self titled EP (Thanks Zach!).

That it’s taking me this long to put something up is a testament to why I’m not charged with (m)any reviews here at UTR. Meanwhile Bang! Bang! Eche! have been racking up quite a following, I seem to hear them every time I tune into BFM these days and they’ve been on their top ten for what seems like ages now – even got to no.1 I believe.

This 5 song EP, including the hits 4 to the Floor and Time Mismanagement, captures their live energy well and opens up the lyrical aspect of their songs, which are clever and seem a lot more mature than the band look – or maybe I’m just getting old (?).For me, BBE sound like a junior version of genre favourites The Rapture, Moving Units and !!! but with a lot more pop. I like the artwork too which overall makes this in my opinion a worthy purchase and a bargain at $10 from their shows.

Definitely keep an eye on this band - they've got the talent and the energy to really go places (Germany even..?).

Now to share the love once shared with us, we’re going to give our copy of the EP away to one lucky reader – keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway link soon.

More about Bang! Bang! Eche!

Pez Mahoney - (Synth, Bass and Guitar)
T'Nealle Worsley - (Bass, Guitar and Synth)
Czarek Ryder - (Guitar and Synth)
James Sullivan - (Drums)
Zach Doney - (Vocals)

Locale: Christchurch


Info from their Wiki:
The band was started at the begining of 2007, by Irish compatriots Sullivan and Mahoney, who had previously attended an International School in Christchurch, New Zealand. Inspired by local legend Glyn MacLean, the duo began making music in the adult contemporary genre, in order to gain film publishing deals in Hollywood. Quickly dissilusioned with their below average success in this market, they decided to change musical direction, and enlarge the band. They then drafted fellow international school drop-outs, Doney, Ryder and Worsley into the band after coincidentally meeting again on their overseas experience in Norway. Once back in New Zealand, the band began practicing, and recording demos of soft rock motifs. Worsley, who is of Swiss origin, decided that the band should take on a "more brutal" edge and wrote the band's first 25 songs in a single week. In April 2007, the band played their first ever show with The Sneaks, The Whipping Cats and Disasteradio. Nearly a year later, on May 23rd 2008, Bang Bang Eche released their debut, self-titled EP (alongside their now defunct sister-band The Insurgents). 5 days later they performed the new songs in Auckland, New Zealand, opening for New York band Chk Chk Chk. They have since entered the studio to record their 2nd EP, which will feature such fan favourites as Frogs in Popular Culture and Gabi is a Slut