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Album Review
Death Magnetic

Death Magnetic
by Metallica


Review Date
19th September 2008
Reviewed by

I was ready to review this, in a forgiving kind of mode, brought from memories as a teenager listening to Metallica. Not just occasionally putting it on, but owning the tablature books, and struggling to play alongside.

Its fair to say that I haven’t held Metallica in any kind of high regard since Justice For All, not that the Black album wasn’t good, but was their indicator on the shift ahead.

But hang on sec. Hold the mother friggen phones, something good's going on here. Metallica are back. Forget St Anger, and that bullshit doco, the REAL Metallica are back.

This is the album that the fans have been waiting for, old Metallica doing what they do best. Fast as feck lyrics, slick, tricky changes with a machine gun like tempo.

Welcome back.

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