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Win Black Midi's New Album 'Hellfire' on Vinyl LP

London's Black Midi have unleashed their ambitious and deranged new prog rock opera via Rough Trade Records + we have a vinyl LP copy to give away!

UTR's Sam Denne wrote on the new album: "For a band named after a niche sub-genre of music in which composers aim to cram as many as midi notes as possible into a single song – the handle of London progressive outfit Black Midi checks out.

Sounding like an anthropomorphic panic attack that ate a whole months Ritalin script with its Weetbix, Black Midi present their latest offering Hellfire through Rough Trade Records. There really is no better adjective to describe this record than its title. Right of the bat it’s a blistering barrage of polyrhythms, counterpoint and manic prose that gives no quarter until arriving at ‘Still’, a wistful & sparkly acoustic guitar driven ditty. I’m convinced the band composed ‘Still’ for the benefit of their drummer during live sets. Seriously, if drummers were paid by the tom-hit at a rate of one cent per whack, Morgan Simpson would be sitting on the Forbes 500 list.

Ambitious and creative, Hellfire is an undertaking which attests to the virtuosity of the Black Midi’s members both individually and collectively. Producer Marta Salogni has done a remarkable job of capturing a band at its best, their zesty enthusiasm shining through at every moment, which is certainly no easy task given the complexity of the arrangements. Every squeal of a horn, shake of a maraca and instruments I couldn’t even name sit comfortably in a mix that would melt the minds of the most seasoned audio engineers.

Lyrically the songs concern characters as deranged as the manner in which their stories are sung to us. It’ll take a couple of listens to unravel a tale of the exploits of corrupt mining corporation in 'Eat Men Eat', but well worth it to appreciate the humour and wit buried in the ravings. Listen closely and you’ll hear about all good sorts such as "Hell… Satan and murder". The band write that beneath the immediately apparent abrasiveness, all the songs are imbued with themes both light and dark. You’d best listen for yourself, I’m sure you’ll take away something new with each spin."

Experience director Noel Paul's video for 'Sugar/Tzu'...

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