Poised to release their third studio album Relaxer next Friday, Leeds trio alt-J are celebrating by announcing a jaunt downunder in December which includes two New Zealand shows. The three-piece, who forged a strong fanbase for themselves with first... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12663/Alt-J-Announce-New-Zealand-Shows--Unveil-New-Single-Adeline.utr'>—more</a></span> 
In what is surely an unprecedented event, not one but two female solo artists from New Zealand made an appearance on the same night on long-running UK music show Later... with Jools Holland. The iconic show, which aired on BBC Two overnight, featured a... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12661/Caught-Live-Lorde-And-Aldous-Harding-Perform-On-Later-With-Jools-Holland.utr'>—more</a></span> Star-studded punk rock crew Me First and The Gimme Gimmes are returning to New Zealand for two shows in October. The group, which brings together members of Lagwagon, Bad Religion and Frenzal Rhomb, are heading downunder having just released their... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12649/Me-First-And-The-Gimme-Gimmes-Announce-Two-North-Island-Shows.utr'>—more</a></span> 

Brimming with anticipation for Sun Kil Moon's sold-out show at Auckland's Tuning Fork on Sunday, we reached out to our friend Jeremy Taylor from the iconic Slow Boat Records store in Wellington. Jeremy is an avid fan of Kozelek's, and well... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12658/Heres-Five-Saddest-Songs-By-Mark-Kozelek-aka-Sun-Kil-Moon.utr'>—more</a></span> If Aldous Harding’s debut album was her introduction – a musical germination – then Party is her blossoming. It’s a glorious shift from sombre introspection to expansive exultation, an artist having the tools and confidence to fully realise her thoughts... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12634/Album-Review-Aldous-Harding---Party--Album-Stream.utr'>—more</a></span> Auckland outfit The Miltones have announced their debut album will be dropping next month and to celebrate they've lined up a 10-date tour of the country. Starting life as a duo centred around front woman Milly Tabak and lead guitarist Liam Pratt, the... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12656/The-Miltones-Announce-Debut-Album--Nationwide-Tour.utr'>—more</a></span>

The Chills - New Zealand Tour 2017

Glass Vaults - The New Happy Release Tour

UTR's Pick Tonight
Aine O'Dwyer
St Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin
Thu 25 May
Neck of the Woods, Auckland
Thu 25 May
Whammy Bar, Auckland
Thu 25 May
Charles Luney Auditorium, Christchurch
Thu 25 May
Whammy Backroom, Auckland
Thu 25 May
Flight 605, Auckland
Thu 25 May
Valhalla, Wellington
Thu 25 May
Space Academy, Christchurch
Thu 25 May
The Thirsty Dog, Auckland
Thu 25 May
Rogue and Vagabond, Wellington
—more gigs
Finn Andrews Solo
Peter Hook and The Light
Glass Vaults - The New Happy Release Tour
Doing Our Bit - Double The Refugee Quota Benefit Concert

  1. Creeping In by A.C. Freazy
  2. Spacesuit by Dirty Pixels
  3. Walking by Witchy
  4. Eyesore by Mellow Grave
  5. Isle Of The Dead by Invisible Threads
  6. Soon To Be by Ov Pain
  7. Marry That Bus by The Biscuits
  8. Hooch by Ounce
  9. Melancholics by Asta Rangu
  10. Working On My Heart by Juiceroof