Having announced a new album earlier this month,  Dragonforce have now announced they will be winging their way back to New Zealand in June. The British speed metal group are unleashing their seventh studio album Reaching Into Infinity in May and shortly... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12255/Dragonforce-Returning-To-New-Zealand-For-Three-Shows.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Clap Clap Riot are hitting the road in May to support the release of their third full-length album, Dull Life. Along with announcing the four-date jaunt, the Auckland act have cut loose excellent new single 'Tired Of Getting Old', a country-tinged... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12250/Clap-Clap-Riot-Announce-Album-Release-Tour--Share-New-Single.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Auckland post-hardcore four-piece Human Resource have let loose their long awaited debut EP. Recorded in the depths of K' Road by Rohan Evans of Arcade Recordings, the four songs on the EP feature stabs of noisy, heavily processed guitars and bass that... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12247/Stream-Human-Resources-Self-Titled-Debut-EP.utr'>—more</a></span> 
It took me a while to get into Ryan Adams' latest offering. The 80s hair-rock opener and lead single 'Do You Still Love Me' left me cold (still does), and the rest felt competent, yet hardly inspired. But, as with all of his best work, the gems take... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12249/Album-Review-Ryan-Adams---Prisoner--Album-Stream.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Over the last five years, New Zealand bass music producer Kamandi has traveled up and down the country, and bounced back and forth between here and America. Along the way, he's built a loyal listenership on Soundcloud, shared stages with Jonwayne,... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12263/Seven-Quick-Questions-Kamandi--Jaga.utr'>—more</a></span> Sydney four-piece Caravna Sun have announced three New Zealand shows as part of a 19 date tour which comes off the back of the release of their third record Guerrilla Club last year. News of the tour also comes with the release of a video for the single... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12240/Caravana-Sun-Announce-Three-New-Zealand-Shows--New-Video.utr'>—more</a></span>

Yukon Era - Tongue Tour

Sarah Belkner -  But You Are, But It Has Album Tour

UTR's Pick Tonight
Sarah Belkner - But You Are, But It Has Album Tour
The Wine Cellar, Auckland
Sat 25 February
Tiny Triumphs, Auckland
Wed 1 March
Whammy Bar, Auckland
Wed 1 March
The Powerstation, Auckland
Wed 1 March
Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Wed 1 March
Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
Wed 1 March
St Mary's Church - Addington, Christchurch
Wed 1 March
San Fran, Wellington
—more gigs
Merchant and Watchtower NZ Tour
Brant Bjork -  Tao of the Devil New Zealand Tour
Yukon Era - Tongue Tour
French for Rabbits - The Weight of Melted Snow Tour

  1. Breathe by Mr Amish
  2. I'll Drink Again by Elliot Brown
  3. Daily horoscope by Captain Sergeant Major
  4. A Hollow Dream by Transistor
  5. Horizon by Aldous Harding
  6. I Fell Off The Edge Of My Mind by Black Science
  7. Oh So You're Off I See by Kane Strang
  8. Whaling by Fruit Juice Parade
  9. Dreams by Elan Vital
  10. Intro by Kerosene Comic Book