It's time to get your highlighters out and start planning, the schedule and sitemap for Laneway Festival 2017 has been unveiled!! Take a look below, and of course you should download the handy-dandy app (iOS / Android) to help navigate your... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12106/Timetable--Site-Map-Revealed-For-Laneway-2017.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Desert rock luminary Brant Bjork is returning to New Zealand soil for two shows in May. The Californian musician, who founded Kyuss and plays with Fu Manchu, is coming this way on the heels of releasing his solo record Tao Of The Devil which came out... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12105/Brant-Bjork-Returning-To-New-Zealand-In-May.utr'>—more</a></span> 
French blackgaze duo Alcest will be winging their way to New Zealand for two shows in April. Forged in 1999 as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Neige (aka Stephane Paut) who was joined by drummer Winterhalter in 2009, the band released... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12096/Alcest-Announce-Two-New-Zealand-Shows.utr'>—more</a></span> 
In addition to their headlining slot at this year's Woodcock Festival, Australian blue collar scallywags Cosmic Psychos have lined up a show for Auckland - and as a cherry on top they will be joined by Melbourne four-piece jangle pop group Swim Team as... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12083/Cosmic-Psychos-Announce-Auckland-Show.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Hamiltonian purveyors of stateside-styled punk rock Wizz Kids have dropped a new EP. Aptly titled Attention, the five tracks are a jolt-start of three chorded party hard pick-me-up which have had more then a few spins in the UTR camp since its release... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12092/Stream-Wizz-Kids-New-EP-Attention-.utr'>—more</a></span> 
Following a raucously packed video release show at Whammy on Friday night, Dad Jokes are ready to unveil their new animation-heavy baby to the online world. The video sees the fun inducing two-piece collaborating with Ottawa-based animator/former... <span class='readMoreLink'><a href='/news/12111/Video-Dad-Jokes---210-Todd-UTR-Premiere.utr'>—more</a></span>

A Dead Forest Index New Zealand Tour

DarkSpace 2017

UTR's Pick Tonight
Dinosaur Jr
The Studio, Auckland
Thu 19 January
Golden Dawn: Tavern of Power, Auckland
Mon 23 January
The Powerstation, Auckland
Mon 23 January
Secret Venue, Wellington
Tue 24 January
Aotea Square, Auckland
Tue 24 January
Aotea Centre, Auckland
Tue 24 January
Secret Venue, Rotorua
Tue 24 January
Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
Wed 25 January
Le Cafe, Picton
Wed 25 January
Neck of the Woods, Auckland
—more gigs
The Veils
Adam Mcgrath, Yarns, Ballads and Barnstormers
Weyes Blood and Circuit Des Yeux

  1. You Me and the Old Hill by Jay Clarkson - Breathing Cage
  2. Lucille by Jay Clarkson - Breathing Cage
  3. Finding Hate In Yogurt by King Fin
  4. The Dying Light by New Dawn
  5. No Brain by Blame Thrower
  6. Baby Girl Feat. Lord $eez by Baby Lexus
  7. Burn It Up by High H00ps
  8. Level Headed by Hans Pucket,
  9. Form Follows Function by Queen Neptune
  10. The Life by Oscar Dowling