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Suckdog (USA), Terminal Infant(OZ) and Hex

Wed Aug 3rd, 2016

Doors open: 6:00 pm
Gig starts: 6:30pm
Entry: R18
Cover charge: $20.00

Many people never thought it would happen again and still more never knew about it in the first place (no respect for the history of the deep weird), but its 2016 and Lisa Crystal Carver is reviving her performance troupe SUCKDOG for its first stage show in decades. Late 80s and early 90s performances featured wrestling, music, antics, nudity, blood, audience participation and general perversity. Back in the day Lisa called these things Operas and I suppose that term fits as well as any other. In addition to all this dramatic splendor, Lisa wrote and created the greatest fanzine of all time (Rollerderby - you gotta get the collection) and has since written quite a few books (on writing, painting, Yoko Ono and other subjects). We are so overjoyed to have her and her company (daughter Sadie Carver and the Kuzak Sisters) here to perform for you. Has time softened Lisa Will she roll around on the floor naked and bloody. Or will it be your mind crawling around down there amidst the filth, yearning to be free.


HEX-Performing their ROCK OPERA, Death and the Mermaid
(ft Bek Coogan and Cooki)



LISA CARVER is one of America’s most prolific and original underground writers. She’s famous for her wild and fantastic blend of performance art and music and as the editor of the long running and completely fascinating 90’s zine, Rollerderby. Through her interviews, she introduced the work of Vaginal Davis, Dame Darcy, Cindy Dall, Boyd Rice, Costes (her ex-husband with whom she performed as Suckdog), Nick Zedd, GG Allin, Kate Landau, Queen Itchie & Liz Armstrong to many. She has also published a number of novels, including an autobiography, a treatise on the artistic career of Yoko Ono, a writing guide and a dissection of American pop culture. Her latest book is The Jaywalker, which is a collection of short stories illustrated by her long-time friend and collaborator, Dame Darcy.

tags: art/noise

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