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Ills Winter with Hiboux

Sat Oct 1st, 2016

Doors open: 9:00 pm
Gig starts: 22:00
Entry: R18
Cover charge: $10.00

Ills Winter
In our treehouse on the hills, Wellington howls and rumbles on some noisy nights, the wind rattling our thin wooden walls. We pile old couch cushions and blankets up, and cover the windows with duvets to get a nice vocal. Our lounge littered with leads and pedals, instruments and old Persian rugs. We record through the night.

Daytime noises have found their way into these tracks; its hard to keep the daylight out even when you close the curtains.

This album tells of an artist's journey, a story that starts when she fades to anesthesia. At first alone, she encounters revolutionaries, faces her demons, meets her kindred, finds revelation within the depths of the cat's soulful stare, proclaims her strength, writes an urgent dance-letter, has sweeping visions, rides a camel with Oberon, feels somehow changed but can't quite place her finger on it and possibly needs a hug and a cuddle after all that adventuring.

Hiboux (ee-boo) is a five-piece instrumental band playing wandering musical odysseys which build from spacious soundscape to thunderous crescendo. Moments of post-punk and prog-rock meet classical themes and overdriven rock. The band enjoys writing subtle, powerful, instrumental rock music that could accompany a film, a drive across the desert, a dive through the ocean or a balloon trip over the mountains.

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