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Bloodbags, Blazing Shade, and Bargain Bin Laden

Fri Aug 19th, 2016

Doors open: 8:00pm
Entry: R18

Representing hard on the letter B, bringing three dynamite local combos together fer one night - Attack of the Killer Bs....

BLAZING SHADE - Biker fuzz, stoner Sabbath groove, Roky Erickson madness, and loads more twists from the heavy rock bible...Pentagram fan clubbers, Timberjack trainspotters, Lemmy-styled larrikins...hirsute and hedonistic, leathered and loud...

BARGAIN BIN LADEN - No mere second hand shop blender of musickle styles, how da hell do ya mesh Link Wray with Flipper, the Monks with the Butthole Surfers, FrankZappa demoin the Dead Boys These cats found the trick, and play that hand every show, tight as rubber bands, loose as greasy geese...

BLOODBAGS - Fine tuning the chunk and rumble bag poonk rok...howling from battered lungs, twisting metal strings, slamming bruised congos with splintered twigs...phat fuzz stomp, screamin galloping gunk riffs, fumbling blind in the dark fer the elusive hypnotic groove, catch the tall tribe perform one last ritual before taking their antics to the land of fried chicken and hot dawgs...

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