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The All Seeing Hand, So Laid Back Country China + Earth Tongue

Sat Sep 17th, 2016

Doors open: 9:00pm
Gig starts: 9.30pm
Entry: R18

Cover charge: $10

The All Seeing Hand present THE SOUND OF ROT
Swarm Single Release Show

Listen to the crawling voice and thrum of a thousand limbs in unison.
Behold the towering and impenetrable wall of wasps.
This is the fly caught in the transporter; your mind will mutate on listening!
A beehive fit to burst. A mosquito's feast.
Will your loved ones know before it is too late'
It’s a swarm...

The All Seeing Hand:
Mass, density, dissonance, dance! A potent elixir of throat, electronics and drums that leave the willing in an ecstatic state of both wonder and confusion...

So Laid Back Country China:
Luxurious gothic-country tones permeate as if suspended in cavernous space! Leonard Cohen's forever-lost 1980's B-Movie thriller scores re-imagined...

Earth Tongue:
The stratum of Earth’s crust investigated via sonic-probes from stoner rock riffs!

Plus the ear-tickling poly-chromatic projections from Lady Lazer Light!

Poster Artwork by Ahnand Unka


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