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King Brothers

Sun Nov 13th, 2016
Kewpie Party Boat,
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

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Usually pasty faced, anemic music fans like myself balk at spending a day on the harbour doing cliched Tauranga things involving boats. Heading out on the high seas only when needing to dump another carpet rolled, lead laden, hooker corpse into the darkest of depths. Yet come this November, Sunday the 13th we become our Dads and take to the Tauranga Harbour for a delightful day on the ol' dingy.

However don't be alarmed as this aint no get away from the wives, beer drinking, fishing trip for you and your mates Murray and Tony. This one is special......

After raising hell in 2014 with their last Tauranga appearance at Karma Strip Club, Japans finest Garage Punk band the King Brothers return to this abortion of a city for the best gig you are likely to ever attend.

King Brothers on a mutha fucken party boat!!!!!

Leaving from the Strand Jetty at 430pm (be there to board at 4pm) , Sunday the 13th November - King Bros will be your tour guides as they play another raucous set to soundtrack your descent from sun bright sobriety into dusk filled drunken stupidity over a 3 hour harbour cruise.

Tickets are $45 and available from Under the Radar. Yeah and I know you tightwad dutch bastards are gonna have a cry and say it costs too much - but this is an international band of more notoriety than all of our shitty bands put together and they are fucken playing on a boat for gods sake. Just lay of the crack pipe for a couple of days and you will be right....

With support from Threat.Meet.Protocol because nepotism is alive and well.

Tickets limited to 100.


alternative, punk/hardcore, king brothers,

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