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Archer and Flora Knight

Sun Feb 5th, 2017


Port Chalmers, Otago

Doors open: 3:30pm
Gig starts: 4.00pm
Entry: All Ages

Cover charge: $20.00

No one really knows how Flora and Archer met, but it's not too far fetched an idea that the world might've stopped spinning for one 13,000 billionth of a second or so. They certainly were both born to play music of a pure soul. Music of life with no plastic bullshit adornment...and you can't very well go driving a car touring around the place if that be the case. You gotsta walk or crawl or roll, slip n get the idea.... They follow in the footsteps of the Swagmen, the Maori, the explorers, the moa.... tramping this here land for the dam bloody pleasure of it....and maybe some ego glorification but musicians get downright ornery and depressed at times, who could blame em.....Besides, Archer is sick of shifting irrgation pipes and Flora's about ready to stick her head into the deep fryer, so it's better this way.

Come February 2017 Archer and Flora will be coming round the mountain to a town near you with fiddles, guitars for the walkin', rollin' crawlin', billy boilin', hitchin', trampin', fallin' down and getting back up again swaggin' tour of TE WAIPOUNAMU (The South Island)

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