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Blankets Canada, Waterfalls, and Strange Stains

Sun Mar 12th, 2017


Dunedin, Otago

Doors open: 3:00pm
Gig starts: 3:20pm
Entry: R18

Cover charge: $10.00


We three bands will play at NONE on Sunday the Twelfth of March. Come along!

Blankets (aka Sasha Ford) is a sound maker from Montreal, Canada. Blankets makes use of simple homemade instruments, found cassettes, and field recordings, creating physically immersive and rhythmically sensitive sonic collages. Her sound recalls harsh noise, experimental electroaccoustics, and early industrial traditions.

With a title that refers to the domestic, to tenderness, and to childhood, with this project I am interested in auditory worlds with particular political as well as psychological resonance. Performances frequently feature manipulated vocal samples which use satire, dramatism, and other strategies to engage with themes related to vulnerability, gendered experiences of power, and spectacular capitalism. I aim to provoke a listening experience that is at once disarming and therapeutic. -Sasha Ford

Waterfalls (Amber Johnson) creates deconstructed modal electronic music balancing pop sensibilities with hypnotic, ostinato cycles and invocations of mood via her exploration of analog synthesisers and processed flute and vocal timbres. Eschewing standard pop-song structures, her compositions weave through movements creating impressionistic atmospheres and crystallising emotional states . Waterfalls' distilled lyrics are realised as self-help incantations, emotional release valves and cautionary chants revealing the moments of clarity and confusion borne from nocturnal reflections on love, intimacy, power and pain.

Strange Stains is the 'leaning on a bench wave' DIY shedband of solo electronic musician Cooki M. Strange Stains creates euphoric-to-the-pinnacle Electro Pop while lyrically exposing herself at the psychic precipice.

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