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Fri Jun 9th, 2017

Doors open: 8:00pm
Gig starts: 8pm
Entry: R18

Cover charge: $5

Prepare your face holes for the planet's very first EVER WubbaLubbaChugChug!

Valhalla's Gates spill open and the fallen rise again as Odin summons forth 4 of the most insane Rock and Metal acts this side of the spacetime continuum.

Dystoria, Darkness Within, Go on Dying and Vas Deferens are armed to the teats with phat riffage and scrumptious beats the likes of which you have never heard before. We have the thing you need my friend, and that thing is blood curdling nazgul shrieks and grinding djent shreddage, obviously.

So wiggle on down this Friday, 9th June
WubbaLubbaChugChug my dudes and dudettes, it's gonna be ridick.

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