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Harsh Modular Winter

Sat Jul 8th, 2017
Pyramid Club,

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An improvised demonstration of home made noise makers belonging to the Wellington Music Electronics Library. All effects units are available to borrow by joining the Library, which is open between 4pm and 6pm on Saturdays at The Pyramid Club. More information and an inventory is available here:

Radek Rudnicki (Wave Folder Records) – Live on Serge Modular Synthesiser

Improvised and generative live set linking industrial noise with drones and minimal techno. Programmed structure and generative networks of loops made on Serge modular synthesizer. Control Voltage loops create dense textures, rhythmic patterns and abstract beats that are generated live on Serge Modular Synthesiser. Pieces are combining controlled improvisation with generative music, creating micro-rhythms, grooves and drones out of programmed semi-random generative patches.

UZB96 - Insensitive aural barbarity from the irradiated wastelands of Pripyat. Embracing our mutations through the use of Uraninite as a chaotic source, expect your ears to be assaulted in a very unpleasant manner. Hail Eris.

Dr Voltage
Peter Jamieson and Tom Beard - modular addicts obsessed with generative music and weird noises.
They make improvised electronic music, blending vintage and modern, analogue and digital, to create soundscapes of noise, dirt, and strange beauty.

alternative, art/noise, electronic, ADAN, Dr Voltage, Radek Rudnicki (Wave Folder Records), UZB96


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