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Monday 18th April, 2016 10:50AM

After a nail-biting wait, this Friday will see Beastwars unleash their third album The Death Of All Things, which is being hailed as the final chapter in the group's post-apocalyptic trilogy. The record's release is being supported by a three-date tour - the band's final New Zealand shows for this year - kicking off this Thursday in Christchurch. In anticipation, we snapped up the chance to have a quick chat with the band's formidable vocalist Matt Hyde to find out whether or not this spells the end for Beastwars the band, and he also unearthed his favourite song from the new album for a sneak peek. Soak up 'Witches' below while you read our interview with Matt...

UTR: Your new album, titled The Death of All Things, is due out April 22nd. Was this a premeditated attempt to coincide as closely as possible with the sacred day of the sweet leaf, 4/20?

MH: Pure coincidence.

What's your favourite banger from the latest opus? Musically and lyrically.

'Witches' - from conception to completion, it just always seemed a great song.

I heard through the grapevine that this might be the final battle for the Beastwars battalion. Is the new album's title a reflection of this?

It's a reflection of the end of this chapter for Beastwars - particularly being the end of the trilogy we had in mind at the beginning of the Beastwars journey. Nato's heading to London for a few years so that means we won't be playing live very often for a while - unless he can work on hooking us up a European tour.

Are we likely to see any sweet side projects surface?

We're always experimenting and playing with friends, however we've all given 10 years to this band and it's been a busy time so we're not going to run out there and start a new project anytime soon.

There's a few more chill, introspective numbers on the album this time around with more quietness both vocally and instrumentally. What bought on this want to experiment more?

We didn't want to repeat what we had already done... and we also wanted to venture more into the quiet zone and see what we could give in that aspect.

Did the approach to lyricism change between this album and the last? The impression I got from the newer outing was less on the buzz of describing surrealist and alien landscapes, and more to do with philosophy and self belief...

I agree. Triumph over adversity - life is a constant change. In a way this album documents the last three years of my life and the only thing certain is change.

One of your new tracks is called 'Some Sell Their Souls'. What would it take for the Angel of the bottomless pit to convince you to part with your divine spark?

In a way, making music is kind of already doing it. You give a huge part of yourself away when you create art/music.

One of my first memories of being reunited with Auckland was the Nick Keller exhibition at the (now defunct) Nature Art + Design gallery, which prominently featured the full piece of art for the just-released-at-the-time Blood Becomes Fire. Nick has done the art for all three Beastwars album covers. Did you guys first meet him in the flesh or was it a commission scenario? What's he like as dude?

Nick is a very good friend of ours. Nato met him at a bar one night and they got talking and that was where the link between the two of us was forged. It's hard to describe Nick.. hmmm.. he's quiet and thoughtful.. but then a party animal when he gets a few beers in him. One of the best things about Beastwars is that we have got to know Nick and he's become a good friend of us all.

I see you guys are also squeezing in a quick tour of Australia's east coast. What're some of your favourite buzzy/heavy bands from over the ditch?

Spencer P Jones, Horsehunter, Holy Serpent, Child, Warped, Hits from Brisbane.

The Death Of All Things is being released worldwide this Friday 22nd April via Destroy Records and is being accompanied by a three-date New Zealand tour kicking off this Thursday. Head over here for more information and to buy tickets.

Ticket holders!! Head over here and enter a sweet competition to win The Death Of All Things on vinyl and a Beastwars teeshirt :)



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