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FTF Records

FTF Records is a full service independent record label based in Stow, OH. Founded in 2005 by Jeff Gargas, the label has steadily been growing toward what he believes it can be; one of the industry's best.

With a passion-driven mission to help artists break through their potential and achieve the level of success they deserve, FTF Records is focused on its artists and their dreams.

We understand that today’s musicians face an ever-changing and dangerous industry. We believe that working with bands and artists in a partnership, where success for one brings success for all, is the right way to do things.
With many services offered through the FTF family, such as management, artist consulting, radio promotions, tour booking, and more, FTF Records may be able to provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to take your career to the next level.

FTF Records
Vision. Dreams. Music.


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