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New Zealous Music

New Zealous Music & Media is turning it up a notch, specialising in making music heard across Aotearoa & the ears of the world..

Establishing new & current acts, booking and overall artist management.

New Zealous Music & Media was founded in 2009 by Krys Bryant whom has had the past half decade in the shoes of the music industry amongst Media Works & George FM.

09 saw a more personal direction for Krys with her drive and determination to spread music across the lands and give artists the direction to grow the leaps and bounds..

'Marketing motivated & passionate artists is a pleasure. Artists that love what they do will reap the rewards of hard work' says Krys and with that thrive New Zealous Music & Media shows those same results from hard work.

With an established name in the event industry and brand 'The UPRISING', seeing some of Aotearoa's renowned artists such as Che-Fu, Salmonella Dub, Kolab, Sola Rosa & Erakah performing alongside our up and coming current talent, New Zealous Music certainly know how to host an event from top to bottom.

As Booking Agent amongst her current managed acts and flow of new artists, New Zealous Music will increase growth via relationships with artists, festivals, promoters and venues nationwide.New Zealous Music & Media strive at making things happen.


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