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Name: 9489 Entertainment
Genre: R&B and Hip Hop, Reggae, Rap, Techno
Members: Twiz, Ace, Echo musiq-EQ, MizStell, N.A.H.I, Young D

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Basic Bio: 9489 Entertainment is a progressive independent music label- Started off a group of friends just making good music for family and friends to enjoy. 9489 Entertainment is a collective of 6 artists who vary in genre and ability. Covering music from Reggae to Rap, Techno Beats to Classical style- but all Urban based music.
9489 Entertainment have been together for no longer than 12 months, many of the members having not seen a recording mic before being a part of 9489.
3 months after being together 9489 ENT had enough material and released a mixtape/ L.P called 'The Time Is Now'.
Not set out to be a crew or a band but individual artists under the same label the group began to promote the name of 9489 entertainment through joint team tracks.
With no professional studios or recording equipment, we the members of 9489 Entertainment believe to have a sound that is of a very high standard.
Self funded, self-produced, self-made Self managed and unsigned, 9489 Entertainment are also seeking opportunities to further our careers as best we can.
9489 Entertainment straight out of Pukekohe via Aotearoa is currently setting out to leave a big impression on NZ music.


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