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Stone Winner Music

New Zealand's youngest independent record label, Stone Winner is quickly becoming the "golden nest" of great independent and alternative music.

Started by record producer and music executive Ervin Stone in late 2010, the label fosters bands from a variety of musical genres and is notable for the amount of freedom given to its artists.

Included in its first signings, Stone Winner Music discovered BURY ME LOW, a haunting alternative folk-rock trio, whose highly anticipated debut album will be released in early 2012.

The label is focused on building it's verticals across music, merchandise, film and publishing.

They say:

"We are always looking out for real music that sets our pulses racing and makes us shiver. Listening to demos and attending shows is an important part of our work to discover great talent.

We do try to listen to everything that is sent to us. But before you put that package in the post, please read on : We’re a small label - and much as we’d like to, we just don’t have time to respond to everyone who sends us their music. If you don’t hear from us, without fail it means that our interest wasn’t aroused (this time) by what you sent.

We don't send ‘rejection’ letters out but we DO appreciate the efforts you will have gone to make your demo available to us, this goes without saying.

If our interest is piqued by what we hear, then we’ll mail you"....Our sincerest thanks".


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