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A new label for a new wave of independent artists.
Create/Control is a new label that seeks to give artists a new perspective on record companies and how they work, with higher returns to the artist, the latest technologies to connect musician and fan and extremely flexible terms that allow the artist to control their releases and own their copyright in an ever-changing recording market.

The label is the latest endeavour by Paul Piticco and the team behind some of the most respected businesses in the Australian music industry (Splendour in the Grass, Secret Service, Secret Sounds Touring and most importantly to this venture, Dew Process Recordings, the home of artists such as Mumford & Sons, Sarah Blasko, Bernard Fanning, The Grates, The Living End, Bluejuice, Last Dinosaurs and many more).

Create/Control gives you a full label service that provides everything you need to get your recordings into the hearts and heads of your fans. All the required Marketing, full Promotional and Digital services, Sync and other services are provided, as well as distributing your music within Australia and around the world with click of a mouse.

Create/Control for Artists

Create/Control has been designed to specifically meet an independently minded artist's needs in today's music industry. Many artists don’t require an A&R investment or influence to produce amazing music. Create/Control has been set up as a platform for these artists to release their music with the assistance of one of Australia’s best music services teams, so that you can concentrate on what matters most!

Our deal terms are structured so that the artist starts to make money from the very first sale and you’ll benefit from significantly higher returns. Best of all, all Create/Control artists retain 100% of their copyright. You create and control your music.

All Create/Control artists work with our experienced team who will create bespoke Marketing, Promotional and Digital campaigns for every release. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in music as well as helping to break up-and-coming bands, so no matter what stage your career is at, we’ll come up with something special just for you.

By being part of our Create/Control family, you’ll have free access to a first-class online store so you can sell digital music, CDs and merch directly to your fans. You’ll also have access to a full range of analytic tools (so you can see who and where your fans are, what they’re buying and what they’re saying about your music), as well as a range of widgets that you can embed on your social networks or any other site. Create/Control will also distribute your music to digital retailers within Australia and around the world (including iTunes, Bigpond, Spotify, Rdio, Amazon and many more) as well as physical retailers like JB Hifi and Leading Edge in Australia.

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Create/Control for Fans

Create/Control is a new, 100% independent Australian record label from the team behind some of your favourite bands and festivals. We’re going to be bringing you the freshest and most exciting new tunes from Australia and around the world. A new label with a new ethos where the artists own their copyrights and keep most of the rewards. We’ll be enabling artists to sell digital music, CDs and merch directly to you, taking out the middle man and leaving the artist with more of the cash in their pockets.

We’re going to have a heap of info for you coming out in the next few months, including new artist signings, music for you to listen to, free downloads and even a party or two for you to go to.

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