Laneway On The Move For 2016

Laneway On The Move For 2016

Tuesday 4th August, 2015 9:06AM

The organisers of the Auckland leg of Laneway Festival are looking to secure a new home for the 2016 event. As reported by The NZ Herald this morning, the current location of Wynyard Quarter will not be available next year due to development in the precinct. The January festival has been held at Wynyard Quarter since 2012, after short jaunts in Aotea Square and Britomart Square.

Organisers are eyeing up Auckland Domain in Grafton for the 2016 event, and are currently awaiting the green light from Auckland Council. A decision is expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

Update 2:05pm: The NZ Herald has reported that Laneway has been denied approval to use the Auckland Domain for the 2016 event.

The decision has left organisers in the lurch as to where to hold the January event. One of the organisers said they will be looking at central city venue Albert Park, but may need to look outside of Auckland. "We certainly have had some serious approaches from the likes of Wellington and Christchurch to take the event elsewhere," Laneway New Zealand partner Manolo Echave told the Herald. However, 75 percent of the festival's audience is based in Auckland.

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Bring it to Wellington. The only reason 75% of the audience is from Auckland is because its held there. Have flown up for it before but not everyone can afford to do that.

The side shows you have had in the past have always gone down well here.
Posted by russell - anonymous 1 year ago
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They should take it to Tauranga or Hamilton.
Posted by Sam - anonymous 1 year ago
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Nice to know Auckland council gives even less of a shit about supporting live music then I originally thought. Lameway festival. Thanks dickheads
Posted by Rickie3 - anonymous 1 year ago
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that's actually bonkers that they won't let them do it in the domain. a billion years of christmas in the park is OK but not this? righto.
Posted by twigs - anonymous 1 year ago

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