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Stream 'Deep And Meaningful Vol 3' Compilation

Stream 'Deep And Meaningful Vol 3' Compilation

Wednesday 26th August, 2015 12:00PM

The third installment of Deep & Meaningful has been released online for streaming. As with the previous two chapters (both released last year), the compilation has been curated by local artist Ducklingmonster (aka Beth Dawson) and is available for purchase with a set of postcards.

This time round Dawson has stretched the capacity of the compilation, including more than double the number of songs from the Vol 2 and included a diverse range of musical acts from all over the country including Jim Nothing, CUTSS, Stefan Neville, Les Baxters, Civil Union and Centre Negative. Take a listen below, and head over to Bandcamp to purchase the album and "Winter shut in" postcard package...


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