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Listen: Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart

Listen: Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart

Tuesday 26th January, 2016 10:56AM

Late last week Iggy Pop revealed the exciting news that he had secretly teamed up with Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme to conjure up his 17th solo album Post Pop Depression. Recorded with Homme in the producer's chair, the nine-song record aims in the same sonic direction as iconic 1977 albums The Idiot and Lust For Life (both created in collaboration with David Bowie) as well as 1990 offering Brick By Brick. Riding high on the wave of releasing lead single 'Gardenia' last week, Iggy has now turned the heat up with smoking second single 'Break Into Your Heart'Post Pop Depression is set for release on 18th March, in the meantime enjoy this...

And here is lead single 'Gardenia' incase you missed it...


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